Chandler Music Works

Chandler Music Works provides artists with a level of expert career advice that would usually only be gained by engaging an experienced and successful full-time manager. However as any artist who has attempted to secure the right manager (or in fact, any manager) will know, there are not too many that fit the bill.

And while numerous new tools, including social media, are available to everyone, including a start-up artist, there is no replacing the solid advice, guidance and counsel that a highly skilled and qualified manager can bring to an emerging career.

It is often said that careers can turn on a moment and likewise a single piece of inspired advice from someone with vision and experience can make the world of difference when it comes to an artist’s career.

What do we charge?

Our rates are by application. Minimum rates are applied and our services can be accessed by the hour or by weekly or monthly retainer. Meetings can be virtual using Skype or by phone, email or of course, in person. Deposits are required.


Are you already working as an artist but want to go to the next level?

If you have been at it a while and have had trouble getting traction, our services may provide the advice you need to grab the attention you want and your career needs.

Career advice and strategic planning

We can provide you with an overall assessment of your career. This would involve feedback and advice on your songs, live performance and media skills as well as the creation of a business and marketing plan.

A&R your project
If you qualify, we can help you forge invaluable connections with other songwriters, and recommend producers, video directors and recording facilities.

Image and media
We will assist you to develop your image and styling as an artist and show you how to deal with and make both new and traditional media work for you.

Recording label representation
If the project qualifies, we can present it to record labels and producers and negotiate recording and/or distribution agreements.

Media Kit
We can help write your biography and press releases or connect you with highly experienced and credible journalists if the project qualifies.

Artwork design
While it is important that you have some idea of what you would like by way of design – website, logo, album cover etc., we can help with your overall brand development.

Live performance advice
Our extensive experience of working with artists, many of whom are at the top of their game, has qualified us to give advice about how to better engage with your audience, create a dynamic show, develop meaningful ‘patter’ and generally take your live show to another level.

The day-to-day
If it’s organisation you need, Chandler Music Works can provide a range of services that includes the booking and managing of travel, accommodation, band rehearsals, hire cars etc., as well as the creation of worksheets and itineraries. We can also assist with the budgeting and production of film clips, photo shoots, record launches etc.

Marketing your live shows
A live show or tour can succeed or fail depending on how it is marketed and with more than 25 years in promoting and staging live shows, tours and events, Chandler Music Works can help draft a cost effective marketing, promotion and publicity plan that will give your show or tour the best chance of success.